Tuesday, 1 January 2013

2013 resolutions........

I thought I'd write a separate post detailing my resolutions for 2013. I really enjoy reading these kinds of posts and I think I have come up with some interesting and achievable goals this year..............

1. Read 50 books
As a teen and into my early twenties, I devoured books at an alarming rate. Unfortunately, some of the medication I was on a few years ago really interfered with my ability to read (amongst other things) and it has taken a long time for me to rediscover my love of reading. I generally favour non-fiction, so this year I plan to read more fiction.

2. Learn to crochet
I have been talking about learning to crochet for quite some time, but this year, I WILL do it! I want to be able to make granny squares and eventually make a blanket out of them.

3. Get fit
I have no interest in losing weight (I don't care if I lose some weight as a result of getting fit, but it's not on my list of reasons to start exercising) but I would like to improve my strength, flexibility and stamina. My husband and I plan to start walking but I'm also considering purchasing a Wii fit. My anxiety often makes it hard for me to leave the house, so having something I can do from home would be very beneficial.

4. Take part in the 50 projects in 2013 craftalong on craftster.org 
Check it out here.
Doing something creative on a regular basis has a wonderful effect on my mood. I haven't come up with my list of projects yet but I'm hoping to start up my crafty business idea this year so I'm sure much of it will be linked to that.

Finally, not really a resolution, more a philosophy for life, but I want to continue telling the people I love exactly how much they mean to me as often as I can. I want to show kindness and compassion and remember that sometimes, the little things make a really big difference.

What are your goals for 2013?

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