Thursday, 16 August 2012

Recent purchases - Primark, MUA cosmetics, Revlon etc

It seems a trifle odd to begin a post detailing my recent purchases by telling you that I have been attempting to spend less, but I really have! Nonetheless, I’ve picked up some bits and bobs over the last few weeks so I thought you might fancy a nosey……….

First up, I treated myself to the Primark dress that has had hearts across the nation all a flutter. Yes, I am aware that my chances of being in the same room as somebody else wearing this dress are pretty high, but I’m sure you’ll agree that it is absolutely charming. It’s also a very flattering, comfortable fit. Whilst in Primark I also nabbed some lovely rings. I really enjoy the look of stacked rings but I’ve never tried it myself so thought this was a cheap and cheerful solution.

Now that my hair is starting to grow a little bit, I'm enjoying being able to style it differently. I try and use as little heat on my hair as possible, so I picked up these bendy rollers in Poundland.

Although I would never purchase make-up from companies such as MAC on eBay, I find it's a fantastic place to pick up drugstore brands and the like. I've been hearing amazing things about the Revlon balm stains so I bought crush from this seller. I also happened across this amazing Technic palette (from this seller) - I've not used it yet and the above picture washes out the colours a little, but it reminds me of Sleek's acid palette in shimmer form.

Finally, a modest haul from MUA. I absolutely adore MUA products as the quality is wonderful, at a price which cannot be beaten.

So, that's it! What have you been buying lately?

P.S. I have tweaked the blog a little so let me know if you have any problems viewing it.


  1. I love that dress I have it too :) loving you make up bits too my superdrug doesn't have much mua stuff in maybe I'll have to order online xx