Friday, 17 August 2012

My top ten nail polishes of the moment - featuring Barry M, Illamasqua, Essie and more!

I am not a nail blogger and I do not profess to know an awful lot about nails or nail polish, but I do enjoy painting my nails. As with all beauty products, I am a fickle creature and can change my mind in a matter of moments, but here are my top ten favourite polishes at the moment……

 1.Nails inc. – Westminster Abbey This is a gorgeous, grown up champagne colour which looks beautiful with a matte top coat.

2.Eyeko – Chi Chi Do you remember when Eyeko were a fun, purse friendly brand? Me too. This nail polish is probably a bit hard to get hold of nowadays, but it’s a beautiful rose gold glitter bomb.

 3.Models own – Ibiza Mix This multi coloured chunky glitter is a disco in a bottle. I find that this looks most impressive over a very dark base. Lots of fun, but not one for sparkle-phobes!

4.Illamasqua – Jo’mina Jo’mina is a beautiful electric lilac shade with a luxurious formula. This is my most used polish, no matter what the season or occasion.

5.Essence – Choose Me! If mermaids wore nail polish, it would probably be this luxe shade of sea green shot through with gold and aqua sparkles.

 6.Cult Nails – Let me fly If you love polish but you have yet to toy with the offerings of indie polish brand Cult Nails, I suggest you rectify this unfortunate state of affairs immediately! They offer some of the most unique polishes I have ever seen and the formula is dreamy. Let me fly is a luscious jade filled with silver glitter. This is an unusual polish with a sophisticated edge.

 7.Max Factor – Moondust I’m not really sure how to describe this polish. It’s kind of a dusky mauve colour with green and pink duochrome. Whatever you wish to say about it, it’s a very pretty polish.

8.Max Factor – Fantasy Fire I’m going to assume I don’t need to sell this to you, so I won’t even try. This is one of the prettiest polishes I’ve ever seen. I do find that it works best over a dark blue or purple base as the formula is a bit thin and streaky.

 9.Barry M – Grey OK, it’s a grey nail polish, but the formula is perfect and I love wearing this polish in Autumn when I’m wrapped up in bright, jewel toned knitwear.

10.Essie – Shine of the times I saved the best for last – this flaky topcoat transforms any nail polish into a jewel encrusted rainbow. It looks beautiful on its own, but layer it over something like Illamasqua’s Jo’mina and it really comes to life! This polish looks slightly different depending on the base colour but it never disappoints.

 So, there you have it! What do you think of these polishes? Which nail polishes do you really love at the moment?

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