Thursday, 13 October 2011

My guest post on Turtle Beauty + what's coming up on notamakeupsnob....


I fear that this is becoming routine, but again, I'm sorry for not being around much lately. I've recently started an MA with the Open University, and balancing 16 hours a week of study on top of my existing responsibilities is proving to be a bit of a juggling act!

However, I did get the chance to do a guest post for Wendy (the picture above is a sneaky peek), so head on over here if you want to take a look at my FOTD featuring Evil Shades, Darling Girl and The Chequered Lily. Whilst you're there, do familiarise yourself with Wendy's blog if you haven't already. She does amazing FOTD and OOTD posts and her reviews are really informative.

I'm also over the moon to see that I'm now over 100 followers on GFC! I never imagined that even one person would be interested in my posts, so that is just amazing! As promised, I will be hosting a small give away to celebrate this milestone. I will post the details and how to enter on Sunday, so make sure to check back.

I've also been working on my review of Kiss My Sass cosmetics, which should be up before the weekend.

I'll be spending the next couple of days catching up with your comments and reading all the blog posts I've missed.

Hope you're all enjoying Autumn so far :)

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