Thursday, 13 October 2011

My guest post on Turtle Beauty + what's coming up on notamakeupsnob....


I fear that this is becoming routine, but again, I'm sorry for not being around much lately. I've recently started an MA with the Open University, and balancing 16 hours a week of study on top of my existing responsibilities is proving to be a bit of a juggling act!

However, I did get the chance to do a guest post for Wendy (the picture above is a sneaky peek), so head on over here if you want to take a look at my FOTD featuring Evil Shades, Darling Girl and The Chequered Lily. Whilst you're there, do familiarise yourself with Wendy's blog if you haven't already. She does amazing FOTD and OOTD posts and her reviews are really informative.

I'm also over the moon to see that I'm now over 100 followers on GFC! I never imagined that even one person would be interested in my posts, so that is just amazing! As promised, I will be hosting a small give away to celebrate this milestone. I will post the details and how to enter on Sunday, so make sure to check back.

I've also been working on my review of Kiss My Sass cosmetics, which should be up before the weekend.

I'll be spending the next couple of days catching up with your comments and reading all the blog posts I've missed.

Hope you're all enjoying Autumn so far :)

Monday, 10 October 2011

My top ten tips to save your time, money and sanity!

Just a quick text only post to share some of the tips and tricks I've picked up during my many years as a make-up addict!

1. If you have oily or hooded lids (I have both), but enjoy wearing thick, winged eyeliner on occasion, apply a primer such as UDDP all over your eyelid and the area you will draw your wing. This stops your liner from transferring and helps the winged part stay in place for longer.

2. Styling your hair into an updo, quiff, victory rolls etc, is much easier if your hair isn’t squeaky clean. If you’ve just washed your hair, spray in a bit of dry shampoo to make it more matte and easier to work with.

3. Use a small, stiff make-up brush dipped in nail polish remover to tidy up any mistakes when you paint your nails. I use the E.L.F. regular line concealer brush and it works a charm.

4. To avoid the dreaded fallout when you wear glitter, instead of applying some sort of “glue” or mixing medium to your lid and then pressing on the glitter, mix the glitter with the glue or medium and then apply. No more sparkly explosions on your face.

5. If I see a gorgeous FOTD pic when browsing beauty blogs etc, I save it to my computer in a make-up inspiration folder. Within that folder, I have several sub-folders for blue looks/dramatic/sparkly and so on. If I’m in a make-up rut, but know I want to work with orange shades, I just open my orange folder and get inspired!

6. If you plan on heading out make-up shopping, pack a small packet of wet wipes so that you can clean your hand between swatching.

7. Avoid a messy lip line when wearing very dramatic or dark colours by tidying up the edge with a bit of your concealer.

8. E.L.F. elements quad compacts are exactly the right size for MAC eye shadows and they have a cute little mirror. They might not look as sleek as the MAC quads, but they can easily be decorated with stickers and the like, and for a measly £1.50, who can complain?

9. I would not be without my trusty tube of Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Skin Protectant. This stuff is an absolute life saver, and can be used on everything from chapped lips to minor burns and abrasions. If I get a patch of very dry skin on my face during the winter, I pop a bit of eight hour cream on before I go to bed, and by the time I wake up my skin is lovely and soft again.

10. Use your brow highlight colour to help blend out your crease and lid colours – I begin by patting the colour on to the brow bone (I usually use my MAC studio fix powder) then using whatever is left on the brush to work over my crease/lid shade in small circular movements.

Phew! I hope that you found some of these tips helpful. Please feel free to share your own top tips in the comments of this post.

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Indie Review: The Chequered Lily

I plan on doing lots of reviews of Indie companies, but here is the first!

Available at - The Chequered Lily
Price - $5 (approx. £3.29) for a full size eye shadow. Sample sizes currently unavailable.
Shipping - $2.90 + $0.25 for each additional item within the US, $3.35 + $0.40 for each additional item everywhere else.
Would I purchase again? Yes, definitely! These are really beautiful, quite complex shadows, and it is clear that a lot of thought has gone into formulating them. I will definitely be picking up full sizes of Labyrinth, Love like winter and Mrs Peacock, as soon as I can!

Carry on reading for an in depth review + swatch photos!

Sunday, 2 October 2011

FOTD Sugarpill Goldilux

I make no secret of the fact that Sugarpill's Goldilux is my all time favourite gold eye shadow. Nothing I have ever tried comes close to the beautiful, gold foil effect you can achieve with this shadow. Some people recommend using it wet, but I honestly think it looks just as good dry, on top of a primer. I pack this on with my E.L.F. Studio eye shadow C brush, and I never have problems with fallout. If you love gold, I promise that you will not be disappointed.

Product list and another picture under the jump!