Thursday, 22 September 2011

My top four lip combos

I am definitely a lover of lip products. I love the feeling of wearing gloss or lipstick, and my make-up doesn’t feel finished until I’ve done my lips. As a self-confessed lip product junkie, I decided I would share my top four lip combos with you. I say “combo” because I usually wear a lipstick AND a gloss. I find that layering adds a bit more interest to any lip look, and as I keep saying, I am a lip product junkie! Keep reading to find out what my favourite products are for nude, coral, pink and red lips.

Before I get down to the nitty gritty, I just want to remind you that the products I use are not the only products you can use to achieve these looks. Nope, they’re just the products that I use at the moment. I believe that only two of the products I talk about are now discontinued, but you can easily find dupes if you do a bit of research. Onwards!

I love wearing nude lips, especially with a dark, smoky eye! Finding a nude shade which doesn’t make you look like a corpse can be tricky, but I’ve found two products which work very well for me. For the nude look, I don’t usually wear a lip liner, but my products of choice are E.L.F. Mineral lipstick in the shade Natural nymph topped with NYX Whipped round lip gloss.

I rocked coral lip products on a very regular basis during the warmer months of this year. I tried out several products, but I kept coming back to Beauty UK Sunset lipstick. It is a beautiful, vibrant coral shade and wears very well, especially considering how affordable it is. When I wear this lipstick, I begin with NYX Coral lip liner and top it all off with MAC Utterly Posh Dazzleglass. OK, so Utterly Posh is discontinued, but having looked at the MAC website, Smile dazzleglass looks pretty similar. You could also check out other brands for a coral lip gloss with pink glitter.

Pink is a great colour to use for statement lips if you’re not so keen on red. My go to pink look uses all MAC products, and includes the discontinued Totally Bang superglass. However, you can achieve a similar look with MAC’s Extra Amps dazzleglass, or any cool toned pink with multi-coloured glitter flakes. To start with, I line my lips with MAC Magenta lip pencil. I then fill in my lips with MAC Girl About Town lipstick, and finish the look with a layer of Totally Bang. Beautiful!

Personally, I feel that anybody can wear red lipstick. It’s just a case of finding the shade which works for YOU. To be honest, you need to experiment a bit to find your perfect shade, and this is difficult because nobody in their right mind would swatch a store tester on their lips! However, once you have found the right red for you, I guarantee you will never look back ;) Always start out with a good lip liner – I use a Revlon colour burst liner in the shade red. Using a lip brush, I carefully apply MAC’s Ruby Woo. I often keep my lips matte for this look, but if I want a bit of shine, I’ll finish with a coat of MAC Russian Red lip glass. Oddly enough, I HATE MAC Russian Red lipstick. I am fully aware that many people hail this as their HG red, but it looks absolutely awful on me. Ruby Woo, in comparison, looks beautiful, and the gloss version of Russian Red, compliments the whole look very well.

Well, that’s it! I hope you enjoyed finding out what my most worn lip combos are. What lip products do you love to pair together?

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