Sunday, 21 August 2011

Spotlight on: NYX Cosmetics

I want to start this post by stating that I am aware that NYX have joined the “Epic sale fail” club along with Sleek. I understand that many customers were treated badly and due to this, you may decide not to purchase NYX products. I have never ordered directly from NYX myself, so I have not experienced these problems. I am a big fan of several NYX products and whilst I do not approve of mistreating customers, I will continue to purchase NYX from third party retailers. In other words, this is not the place to start drama. I simply wanted to write a post giving people who are yet to try NYX a bit more information.

NYX cosmetics are big news in the states but comparatively much less well known in the UK. However, as a result of the beauty blogging community, NYX products are popping up in Youtube videos and blog posts everywhere. I decided to write a spotlight post on NYX to give you a bit more information on a brand which carries some amazing products at very competitive prices.

NYX cosmetics was founded in 1999 by Toni Ko. Named after the Greek goddess of the night (and pronounced Nix, in case you were wondering ;)) the brand is said to be the fastest growing cosmetics company in the US at the moment. NYX offers a huge range of products at a very budget friendly price.

NYX cosmetics do NOT test on animals. They are a cruelty free company and are listed on the PETA website under companies which do not test on animals.


Jumbo eye pencils
If you’ve only heard about one product from NYX, it’s probably the jumbo eye pencils. These fat pencils are a cream eye shadow in pencil form. They come in an enormous range of colours and they make an excellent base for powder eye shadow. Simply daub a bit of product on your eye lid, then spread it out evenly with your finger before packing on your shadow of choice.

Lip products
I’ve lumped lip products into one heading because NYX really do have all bases covered when it comes to lips. I’ve also yet to try a NYX lip item I don’t like! The round lipsticks are creamy and come in a rainbow of colours. Round lip glosses boast an equally impressive variety of shades and they’re not overly sticky like some lip gloss (MAC lipglass, I’m looking at you!) can be. NYX also recently released a selection of matte lip products, including matte lip creams. I have one of these in the shade “Tokyo” and I love it!

Cheek products
NYX offer blush in cream or powder formula. NYX blushes are my favourite budget cheek products. The formula of the cream blush is dreamy, and (surprise, surprise!) they come in a very generous assortment of hues. The same can be said of the powder blush and I have several in my possession.

*I will address pricing for all products mentioned in the “Where to buy” section of this post*

“Milk” Jumbo eye pencil
This is my absolute favourite eye shadow base. The stark white colour really helps bright eye shadow “pop” and it seems to last forever! I always use a primer such as UDPP before using this to make sure I get the most out of the eye shadows I apply. This method of applying products lasts for hours without creasing on me. If you’re aiming for a smoky, dark look, just try “Black bean” instead.

Round lipsticks
NYX round lipsticks aren’t just a great budget lipstick, they’re a great lipstick period. My favourite shades are “Indian pink” and “Snow white”, as pictured above. Admittedly, NYX aren’t great for more unusual shades like purple or blue, but they have an impressive selection of pinks, nudes and reds.

Round Lip gloss
I own several round lip glosses. The formula is glossy without being sticky or claggy and looks lovely either worn over lipstick or on its own. Sure, they don’t last an awfully long time, but they’re compact enough to slip into your purse for touch ups. My only *slight* problem with this gloss, is that it smells a bit weird……almost like dish detergent. It’s a very faint scent, though, and some people seem to actually quite like it! It might be worth testing out a gloss and having a sniff before you place an order for a whole bunch of them!

Lip liner
I love NYX lip liner for the same reason I love the rest of their products- great formula, great colour range and fantastic price. In my opinion, they are comparable to lip liners from MAC, for example, and they stay put through eating and drinking.


Eye shadow palettes
Although NYX have created some very attractive palettes, in my experience the shadows are chalky and poorly pigmented. You would be better off trying out some of their single eye shadows as these seem to get pretty good reviews.

Slim eye pencils
These aren’t terrible, but they’re just OK. Nothing to write home about and there are far better alternatives available for a similar price.

Glitter cream palettes
This stuff is horrible! It is chunky, gritty, greasy horribleness in a palette. I love glitter, but even I fail to see the point in this awful product. Nasty!

NYX do offer a professional discount, but it is currently only available in the US as far as I am aware.

Just a little warning, this section may get long, BUT it’s important so keep reading ;)
NYX now has a UK website with an online shop. I personally choose not use this option when purchasing NYX, as many of the products are twice as expensive compared to ordering elsewhere. Just to give you an example, a jumbo eye pencil costs £4.95, a round lipstick costs £4.95 and a round lip gloss is slightly cheaper at £3.95. If you live in the UK and want to order some NYX cosmetics, there are two additional options -

1. Purchase from a different UK stockist.
At you will pay £2.99 for a jumbo eye pencil, £2.99 for a round lip gloss and £3.50 for a round lipstick. This website stocks a good deal of the NYX range and you can be sure that you will receive your items quickly and without paying customs charges. I would recommend this option if you are buying either a very small amount of products (2-3) OR a very large amount. If you want to place a medium order (say 5-10 items), I suggest option 2.

2. Purchase from a third party US stockist.
I have experience of ordering from both and and If I had to pick between the two, I’d probably go for Beauty Joint – my order arrived quicker and shipping was slightly cheaper. Now, I know what you’re thinking, “How can it be cheaper if I have to pay shipping from the states?!” but trust me on this. When I recently placed an order with Beauty Joint, I ordered ten items. Including shipping, my order came to just under £25 = roughly £2.50 per item. The reason I only suggest this method for medium orders is because if your order totals more than £18, you are required to pay import tax AND a Royal Mail handling fee. I got lucky with my recent order, as Beauty Joint declared a lower order value on the customs declaration. Companies are NOT obligated to do this, and even if they do, customs can open your package and check the invoice. I recommend making sure your order totals no more than £17 as this gives you a bit of a safety net for fluctuations in the exchange rate. I will be writing a post all about ordering make-up from outside the UK in the near future. Until then, is your friend, and remember, import charges are YOUR responsibility.

Unfortunately, I have heard rumours that NYX will be stopping companies like Cherry Culture and Beauty Joint from shipping NYX to the UK. It sucks, but they are allowed to do this, so stock up while you can.

NYX offer a huge range of high performance products at a price to suit most pockets. They are becoming more readily available in the UK and I’ll be very interested to see how this brand develops.


  1. Someone told me they saw a NYX stand in BHS, fyi! I haven't spotted any yet but I'm hopeful!

  2. Oooh! I'll have a look in my BHS when I'm in town on Tuesday - thanks for the heads up, sweetie :)