Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Make-up and Jewellery organisation

So, those of you who follow me on Twitter may know that last week we got a new bed! When you get to my age, this is a very exciting event. We decided to take the opportunity to rearrange the entire room. Not only does it look much better, but I also completely changed my make-up organisation and it is now all safely stored in my dressing table.

I thought I'd show you a few pictures of how I've got it all stored, just in case you want to do something similar.

I'll start by stating that I KNOW that my dressing table is not to most people's taste, but that's OK. I like it, and it is incredibly functional. All this, and it was a mere £25 from our local YMCA charity shop. You can tell I'm a Yorkshire girl as I love a bargain!

The top, central drawer is quite shallow, making it the perfect place to store my indie eye products and any loose shadows or glitter. To the left, you can see my Fyrinnae collection. Next I placed my PE and BFTE mix and fix. Followed by this you can see my loose shadows, including CS and TKB micas, a couple of MAC pigments and my Sugarpill chromalusts. Finally, there are a few jars of glitter and all my indie samples.

The upper left hand drawer stores all my smaller palettes, quads and a few single e/s. The small palettes with the transparent window are TKB's freestyle palettes - they cost a meagre $4.50 and they are SO useful!

The upper right hand drawer is home to any larger palettes, including my beloved Z palette. I thought this was lost forever, but it turned up on our DVD shelf! It houses my entire Yaby collection and all my favourite MAC shadows.

The bottom left drawer is where I keep all my face products (such as foundations and concealers), blush products and lipsticks and lip liners. The blue baskets were purchased from Tesco, and when I last went they were on offer - £1.60 for 3! I know that having things organised this way still requires a bit of rummaging, but it is so much easier to find things now, compared to when I stored everything in make-up bags.

The final drawer is for lip glosses ( I had no idea how many of these I had until now!), eye bases/liners and false eyelashes.

I keep my nail polish in two of the baskets from Tesco. My nail art goodies and Konad stamping stuff is kept in a transparent bag.

The only items which aren't kept in my dressing table are the brushes and make-up I use every day. The make-up I keep in a delightfully tacky purple leopard print vanity bag from Primark. My brush collection lives in an E.L.F. studio line brush organiser. I keep this stuff separate because I know that I will always use it when I wear make-up. I also regularly travel up and down the country to see family, so this makes it easy to just add a couple of palettes to the vanity bag and I'm all set for a few days out of town.

Right, I've shown you my make-up collection, so as a little bonus I'll show you my jewellery/hair accessory stuff. I use a mismatched tea set I got at an auction to store/display my jewellery. It might not be your cup of tea (sorry, I couldn't resist!) but it suits me just fine. Oh, and I am fully aware that my jewellery collection likes a bit like a unicorn threw up, but that is exactly how I like it :)

How do you store YOUR make-up and accessories? Do you have any organisational tips that you want to share?


  1. Oh goodness, I just want to raid your makeup stash!Nice storage arrangement, too

  2. love your make up collection