Sunday, 21 August 2011

FOTD Dramatic drag look

Firstly, I want you to know that I did not leave the house like this. Even I have my limits! I was watching a film and decided to have a play around with a dramatic, almost drag look. It’s not something I would wear to go to Tesco, but I think it would be fine for the right gig or club night.

You can’t see all the glitter I used in these pictures, particularly on the eyebrows. But trust me, it was there.
I’m also surprised by how much I like the lips in these pictures. Normally, I’m just not a dark lips girl, but I’ve been having a play around and I’m starting to find dark lip looks I feel comfortable with.
Carry on reading for another picture and a list of products.

Missha M Perfect cover BB cream “13-bright beige”
MAC studio fix powder “NC15”
Sugarpill “Dollipop” pressed eye shadow used as blush
MAC “Pink Opal” pigment to highlight

NYX “Milk” Jumbo eye pencil
Sugarpill “Afterparty” pressed eye shadow
MAC “Pink Opal” pigment
The Body Needs 2 “Pixie” eye safe glitter
BFTE mixing medium
UD “Perversion” Liquid eyeliner
Collection 2000 Big Fake mascara
Huge winged eyelashes from e-bay
Sugarpill “Poison Plum” pressed eye shadow to fill in brows
A mixture of purple and pink Coastal Scents glitter mixed with BFTE mixing medium on top of brows

Illamasqua “Sophie” medium pencil
OCC “Hoochie” lip tar
Shiro Cosmetics “Hyper Beam” eye shadow (this shadow is lip safe)


  1. You should go to Tesco in this :D Love your brows. Love love love.

  2. Haha, maybe I should as some sort of social experiment? I have genuinely seen girls in full slap with false eyelashes and everything at Tesco before - I really don't know how they can be arsed!

  3. Cool makeup. I actually like it and to be honest it's much nicer than drag makeup.

  4. I think we all need to embrace our inner queen :) Love this look- particularly the lovely lashes and the ombre lips!

  5. Ah mah gawd, glittery brows are awesome.

  6. i love the way you done your lips the colours are awesome!

    shel xx

  7. This is awesome, I could never come up with anything like this. Looks sweeeet.

    Helen, x

  8. hi sweet :) now following your blog (through google reader rss) not thought google connect as your box didnt show up when I wanted to find it xx
    i absolutely love the colour theme of your blog and this fotd of course

    it would be an honour to have you joining the sleek saturday next saturday, woo xx

    about to email you some details (well if i can find easily your email address that is) x

  9. ok, your blog doesn't have a contact section. email me if you want to know more about sleek saturday. if you don't need info, well join me on next saturday 8pm :) xx

  10. Those lashes are amazing!!! I love the glitter too!