Friday, 12 August 2011

E.L.F. 50% off sale - haul and swatches

E.L.F. recently had a big sale, so I decided to pick up a few products I’ve been waiting to try.

I purchased the following items –
Smoky brown nail polish
Luscious liquid lipsticks (Baby lips and Strawberry)
3 piece eyelid primer set
4 piece mineral bamboo brush set
Candlelight studio cream eyeshadow
Mellow melon studio conditioning lip balm
Coral studio matte lip colour
Bombshell studio lip stain
Porcelain studio tinted moisturiser
Warm studio bronzer
Vixen hypershine lip gloss
Including p+p, my order came to a total of £25.70. Bargain!
I’m afraid I haven’t done lip swatches for lip products, because the skin around my mouth is a spotty mess at the moment, and nobody needs to see that!

Nail polish – I really like E.L.F. nail polishes. They have a good selection of colours, the formula is nice and they’re free from Toluene, Formaldehyde and DBP. All this for £1.50! I chose smoky brown as it’s a nice greige shade and I need a few more “safe” colours in my collection.

Luscious liquid lipsticks – I have a couple of these in my collection already, and although they’re not incredibly pigmented, they give a nice touch of colour and are very moisturising.

Eye primer set (l-r nude, pearl and champagne) – Having swatched these, I think the colours are a bit chalky. I also don’t think these would be any good for darker skin tones. I’ll be interested to see how they hold up and I intend to put these through a vigorous testing period before I post a review.

Mineral bamboo brush set (see pictures at start of post) – These brushes are lovely! They’re super soft and very dense. They smell a bit funky at the moment, but I always wash new brushes before using them so hopefully that will disappear. They’re synthetic brushes so great for vegans. They’re a bit smaller than I had imagined, but I don’t like brushes with very long handles so that suits me fine! I’m hoping to try a few brands of mineral foundation in the near future, so I’ll be putting these brushes through their paces!

Studio cream eye shadow – The first thing I noticed about this was how chunky and wasteful the packaging is. The actual container it comes in is huge compared to the amount of product you get. Unfortunately, the studio lip balm is exactly the same. Upon swatching this, I found it kind of chunky and it applied patchily. I purchased this to use more as an eye shadow base than an actual eye shadow, but I’ll have to use it a few times before I can give a definitive verdict.

Studio lip balm – Again, very OTT packaging. I was quite surprised that this smells of coconuts as I was expecting something fruity. It’s a pleasant smell, though, so I’m not complaining. It’s very silky on the lips and gives a pop of sheer colour.

Studio matte lip colour – I love matte lips, so I was very excited when I found out that E.L.F. were releasing these. Looking at the swatch, these babies are well pigmented and the formula is nice and creamy. I’m looking forward to testing this out properly.

Studio lip stain – I have several of these and I really love them. “Bombshell” is a really gorgeous peachy bronze shade with a bit of gold sparkle. You can apply these stains on their own or use the gloss that comes with them on top. One thing I will say is that you need to make sure your lips are well moisturised beforehand, as they do highlight any imperfections.

Studio tinted moisturiser – I’ve been meaning to try this for a while, but the lightest shade is often out of stock. When I saw it was in stock during the big sale, I couldn’t resist adding it to my cart. The texture is a bit odd – it’s quite thick but rubs in quite easily and has a pleasant smell. I know that this will not be enough coverage for me but I’m determined to find a use for it!

Studio warm bronzer – I’m really not a bronzer person, but I already have one of these and I’ve found that if I apply it with a very light hand, it gives me a very subtle golden glow. It is very shimmery though, so if you don’t like sparkles, I’d suggest checking out the cool bronzer. The bronzer features four colours – the picture above shows each colour separately, then a swatch of them mixed together along the bottom.

Hypershine lip gloss – this is quite sticky on the lips and the colour is quite sheer, but it smells good and looks pretty.

So, that’s it! I’ll be reviewing a few of these products in depth, but I want to test them out properly first. If there is a particular product you would like to see a full review on, just let me know in the comments.

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  1. I love love love elf products! I'm sooooooo jealous of you right now, you got the goods! lol :p